Pokemon Worlds Championships 2022
London, August 18th-21st
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Latest News & Analysis

Pokémon Center Pop-Up at the Pokémon World Championships FAQ

How do I shop at the Pokémon Center Pop-Up?
Fans who are excited to plan their trip to the Pokémon Center Pop-Up Store can visit during the store’s open hours from Wednesday, August 17 through Sunday, August 21, 2022. Fans may access the Pop-Up by making a reservation ahead of time or by joining the virtual queue at the event.
Pre-Registering for a Reservation
  • To access the Pokémon Center Pop-Up, you can register for a reservation by visiting the appointment manager and then selecting your preferred shopping date and time.
  • Reservations are limited and once filled, we cannot accommodate requests. We plan on having plenty of space and merchandise, so everyone is welcomed, with or without a prior reservation.
  • Expect to receive confirmation of your reservation via email or text message.
  • If reservations are closed, please see below for information about the on-site virtual queue.
Virtual Queue at Event
  • At the event, you can join a virtual queue to access the Pokémon Center Pop-Up. A virtual queue allows you to walk around and enjoy other experiences while you wait.
  • There will be signs with instructions on how to join the virtual queue via smartphone or on-site kiosks. If you have further questions, please see staff at the event.
  • This virtual queue is limited and operates on a first come, first served basis.
Can I change my reservation?
Reservations cannot be changed. You may cancel your reservation and join the virtual queue at the event.
Can I reserve multiple time slots?
You can book up to one reservation per day. If you have a reservation and want to come back the same day, you can join the virtual queue
How many people can I add to my reservation?
Up to four individuals may be added to each reservation. You may also add up to four individuals to a single spot in the virtual queue.
Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?
Reservations cannot be transferred.
If I am late to my reservation time window, can I make a new reservation?
If you are late to your reservation time window, you can join the virtual queue to access the Pokémon Center Pop-Up.
What payment methods are accepted at the Pokémon Center Pop-Up?
The Pokémon Center Pop-Up does not accept cash. You can pay by cash card (debit card) or most credit cards.
What are the Pokémon Center Pop-Up hours?
Wednesday, August 17, 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Thursday, August 18 – Saturday, August 20, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Sunday, August 21, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
As a competitor, spectator, or staff, how do I get into the Pokémon Center Pop-Up?
Follow the same instructions as above by making a reservation or using the virtual queue.
Can I check my bag?
Yes, there will be a bag check located at the Coat Check outside of the Pokémon Center Pop-Up. If you have a large bag, you will need to use the complimentary bag check prior to entering the Pokémon Center Pop-Up.
Is my bag too large?
Bags larger than 9” x 14” x 22” (23cm x 36cm x 56cm) must be checked. If an airline would not classify the bag as a carry-on, then it is too big to enter the Pokémon Center Pop-Up.
What are the directions to get to the ExCel Center?
For parking, maps, and directions, see: https://www.excel.london/visitor/getting-here.
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