Spectator Badges

Sign Up for the Interest List

Add yourself to the Interest List to register for a spectator badge via the link below before June 7 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Once the deadline has passed, there will be a randomized draw of the individuals on the Interest List to select a certain number of individuals who can then register for a spectator badge. Please note that the number of individuals who sign up for the Interest List may exceed the number of spectator badges available, in which case only a selection of individuals from the Interest List will be able to register for a spectator badge.

Phase 2: Register and purchase if you are contacted:

The Interest List drawing will occur on the week of June 12, 2023, and those individuals selected from the list will be contacted by email. Once the selection email is sent, individuals will have 72 hours to register and pay for their spectator badge. If an individual does not register and complete their purchase in that time window, their passes will be released to the next name on the Interest List. All individuals selected will be contacted by email and will be given a 72-hour window to register and pay for their spectator badge(s).

For those who are selected, the registration fee for a single spectator badge is ¥2,000 (including tax) for an attendee over the age of five. Registration fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable, and a maximum of two spectator badges can be purchased at one time. All spectators will receive two booster packs (subject to change) when they pick up their badges. No additional spectator badges will be sold on-site, and no passes will be released for sale online during the event.

If you have purchased a spectator badge, you will receive a registration confirmation email. This email is required to pick up your spectator badge(s). Children age 5 and under do not need to be registered in advance and will instead be given wristbands on-site at the event. Children age 5 and under do not receive any additional items.

Spectator badge registration has now closed.